Mobile Appointment Request

Mobile Appointment Request

Group testing, private senior/apartment/HOA communities, HUD, shelters, businesses, gov, edu, tribal, houses of worship.

Why are we offering this service? We understand how important it is for you to keep your employees, customers, and facilities as safe as possible. With our partnered certified laboratories, we offer zero out-of-pocket cost with insurance or federal program for uninsured*, to help businesses attain this goal. Having employees tested weekly helps to protect not only themselves, but the public they serve as well. But for testing to work, people need to know their status and get test results quickly. When people have to wait many days to get their results back, they may be less likely to keep themselves isolated. We provide fast, reliable results within 24-48 hours of testing*.

What type of test is performed? Our certified lab provides saliva qPCR testing using a saliva sample instead of a nose swab which many participants deem as much more comfortable than the nasal swab. Our lab performs polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing, which returns results within 24-48 hours. 98% Accuracy. How is my sample for testing collected? Patient will be handed a tube and asked to provide a saliva sample. This is done by spitting directly into the tube. Sample needs to include at least 5mL of saliva to be processed for the most accurate results.

How and when will I get results? Samples sent to our lab partners receive results in 24-48 hours. To view your results, you will receive a call or text message with a secure link and 5-digit code from the laboratory. Patients may test as frequently as desired to reduce the risk of spreading an infection.

Is there an out-of-pocket cost? Covered patients should not have any out-of-pocket costs, but you should check with your health plan to confirm before scheduling a test. If you have health insurance, you must bring your card with you to the test site. If you do not have insurance, we will ask you for your Government issued identification such as a driver's license or State ID to submit the cost of your test to the HRSA, Federal program for the uninsured. Patients without ID must have a current domestic address in United States.

Do I need a referral from a medical professional? Referrals are not required.

What do I need to bring with me? Insurance cards and proof of identity are required. Be sure to have your mobile phone in case we need to reach you.

How old can a patient be to get a COVID-19 test? All ages can be tested. A parent or legal guardian must complete registration for all minor patients.

Without enough testing, the coronavirus spreads “silently”. These outbreaks can be detected earlier, and their severity lessened by testing more employees and staff and keeping everyone informed and aware of their status. We realize that not everyone has time to leave their place of business or interrupt a workday, so in an effort to try to get more people tested, we are offering the option for Mobile Appointments to perform the testing on a day and time that works for your situation. Testing can be done discreetly each week. If you would like more information or to set up a time to start testing, please let us know by emailing [email protected].

Foot Notes:

1.Patients should not have any out-of-pocket costs, but you should check with your health plan to confirm before scheduling a test

2. High demand at the labs can lead to delays in turnaround times.

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